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September 1st, 2014

Photos from “A Girl Named Bill”
Courtesy of Bob Boilen

University of Wisconsin: Permanently End Maternal Deprivation Tests

September 1st, 2014

Cruelty For The Sake Of Curiosity is Not Acceptable. Infant monkeys are taken from mothers within 24 hours of birth. To mimic “adverse rearing conditions,” they’re isolated with a live snake or wire “surrogate peer.” Human Intruder enactments purposely traumatize them. Fear is not a byproduct, but the very goal of deprivation tests during brain development. The monkeys endure brain scans and spinal taps, before killed to dissect their brains. 

When Harry Harlow first subjected infant monkeys to his infamous “Well Of Despair” in the 1950s, he disgraced UW. These studies did not advance medical treatment then or now. Artificial rupture of the mother-baby bond is already well documented. Any perceived need for more data is overshadowed by the unethical character of the tests. 

Among mammals, baby primates are especially dependent upon mothers for psychological health. To rob them of any sense of self, then kill them, is animal desecration and exploitation at its worst. 

UW claims to be committed to replacement of animals when “practical alternatives exist.” TAKE ACTION: Ask university review committees, lab veterinarians, related staff and administration to select, or promote, the only practical alternative: Permanently end maternal deprivation tests.

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A GIRL NAMED BILL – The Life and Times of Billy Tipton

July 24th, 2014

Photo Coverage: Nellie McKay Previews A GIRL NAMED BILL at 54 Below
By Walter McBride


Oliver Stone Says, ‘End the War on Animals’

April 15th, 2014

Vermont Cynic Interview

April 9th, 2014

Musician, playwright and activist Nellie McKay is coming to the Flynn Theater April 4 as part of UVM’s Lane performance series, April 4.

McKay’s body of work includes several critically acclaimed albums, two original plays, acting roles both on stage and on film, stand up comedy and articles for the New York Times Book Review. The upcoming cabaret event at the Flynn will be “an evening of songs, stories and comedy,” according to the Lane series website.

The Cynic recently sat down with McKay to talk about success, the National Security Administration (NSA) and being a “greedy motherfucker” in this exclusive interview.

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